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The company was founded in 1998, and specializes in production of quick-frozen vegetables, their mixtures, fruits, semifinished products with usage of vegetables, meat, dough and  pastry. A big part of the manufactured products’ volume are exported. At the local market the company represents a line of vegetable mixes and semifinished products under the brand VERDONO. The Enterprise uses modern equipment for shock freezing which permits maximum preservation of vegetables’ taste, colour, flavour and other useful properties without usage of preservatives.
Basic equipment:

  • quick-freezing machine FRIGOSCANDIA with productivity 3 tons per hour, 
  • vegetable-cutting machine URSCHEL  (cutting into cubic pieces 10x10x10, strip cutting), BERTUCZZI ( cutting into cubic pieces 16х16х16),
  • green pea processing line,
  • sweet corn processing line,
  • root crops processing line,
  • baked aubergines production line,
  • other preprocessing equipment for vegetables,
  • the semi-finished products shop.

The basic vegetables which processing our enterprise specializes in are: courgettes zucchini, green pea, sweet corn, tomatoes, plum, cherries,eggplants, eggplants roasted, paprika, onion, carrot, beet, potato, pumpkin,couliflower,broccoli.

Annual production volume is 2000 tons. All processing input materials are grown in Moldova at the neighbouring farms near the factory and also at the own irrigation lands of total area 40 Ha. Only the agricultural production of superior quality comes into processing which provides the quality of the finished production. Packaging for the finished production is available as in the form of industrial packaging (paper sack or box), so in the form suitable for retail customer (value 400 g., 1 kg).

Verdono este partenerul CNFA in cadrul Proiectului de Dezvoltare a Business-ului Agricol, finantat de USAID
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