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Vegetable mixtures


Vegetable mixtures, produced by our enterprise, are diverse, easy-to-use, quickly and easy cooked and also preserve the flavor of fresh vegetables.
Vegetable mixtures may act as a separate independent dish, as garnish for meat dish, potato, porridge, macaroni foods, as a filling for first course.
Our mixtures are especially good and suitable for usage during fasting periods. Usage of frozen vegetables is also actual during winter, spring, in the period of fresh vegetables shortage.
The vegetable mixtures represented in retail distribution network of R. Moldova and also are exported in Romania. This production are represented under the brand VERDONO.
Also all kinds of the mixtures can be represented in industrial package (sack or box) for further use in catering networks etc.

Garnish with vegetable marrows
Garnish with Aubergines
Hawaiian Mixture
Borscht filling
Verdono este partenerul CNFA in cadrul Proiectului de Dezvoltare a Business-ului Agricol, finantat de USAID
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